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About Me

My interest in photography began at an early age when I got my first camera for my eleventh birthday. Obviously in those days it was film and I remember having to wait until the complete film roll had been exposed before traipsing down to my local Boots to have it developed. After waiting often another two weeks I usually ended up with eight or ten (there were always two or three that couldn't be developed) boring shots of under or over exposed snaps. Thankfully I've progressed since those days and it has since become a passionate hobby of mine. My primary interest is landscape photography and in Hampshire and Devon, where I spend most of my time, I am blessed with having a wonderful combination of hills (particularly the South Downs and Dartmoor), woodland and coastal scenery. I hope you enjoy the following small selection of my work.

Key Equipment

Canon 6D Mk2

Canon 17 - 40 mm EF F/4 L

Canon 24 - 105 mm EF F/4 L IS

Canon 70 - 200 mm EF F/4 L

Canon 50 mm EF F/1.8

Benro TTOR 24C Tripod

Kase Magnetic Filters

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