My interest in photography began at an early age when I got my first camera for my 11th birthday. Obviously in those days it was film and I remember having to wait until the complete film roll had been exposed before traipsing down to my local Boots to have it developed. After waiting often another 2 weeks I usually ended up with 8 or 10 (there were always 2 or 3 that couldn't be developed) boring shots of under or over exposed snaps.

Thankfully I've progressed since those days and it has since become a passionate hobby of mine.

My primary interest is landscape photography and in Hampshire UK where I am based I am blessed by having a wonderful combination of hills (particularly the South Downs), woodland and coastal scenery.

I hope you enjoy the following small selection of my work.

Key Equipment

Canon 6D Mk2

17 - 40 mm EF F/4 L

24 - 105 mm EF F/4 L IS

70 - 200 mm EF F/4 L

50 mm EF F/1.8

Velbon Ultra Lux iF tripod

Favourite Locations

East Hampshire

South Downs

South Coast


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